Thursday, 5 November 2009

A bit of a quiet day today, the usual round of school runs, horses and a grand total of two pictures!

Not the most exciting photo but it gave me an excuse to play with the 'Aperture 2' trial photo software and see if it was worth buying.  Seems quite good for pure photo working so we shall see.....

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  1. I quite like Aperture but I prefer Photoshop Elements. Sleepyduck uses Aperture as a preference.

    We have just got back from Berlin and I'll catch up on your past blog posts later but I wanted to give you some links to the manuals for Mac that I was talking about while it was in my mind. There is a really good series called "The Missing Manual". Here are two examples from it. I got the first one for my brother when he swapped from Windows to Mac and he liked it: