Wednesday 22 July 2015

Orphan Pheasants 22 July 15

A few months ago, one of the terriers (who in order to protect the innocent I will call Jack!) found a pheasant sitting on her eggs beside the burn.  Unfortunately he chased off the hen and destroyed some of her nest and eggs.  I waited an hour to see if the pheasant would return then brought the remaining eggs back to the cottage and put then in the incubator with some Dorking eggs we were hatching. WP_20150602_10_03_32_Pro In the fullness of time, the Dorkings hatched along with a day later, two pheasant chicks.  After they were all fully feathered they all went out into the ark for a week to get used to all the other poultry before being allowed to run free in the orchard.  I fully expected the two pheasants to disappear into the wild at the first opportunity but a month later they are still happily trotting around the orchard and garden with their "siblings" the Dorkings! P1050487 P1050486

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Sunset Over Slaley Village 21 July 15

As I was going out last night to lock up the poultry for the night, I glanced out of the window and the sun was setting to the west of the village.  The dying sunlight cast across the heavy cloud over Townfoot.  It was worth having to scratch around the poultry run in the dark, after waiting to take a few pictures.


Monday 20 July 2015

A Vet fit for a cake!! 20/07/2015

It was Lauren's birthday a few weeks ago while she was on fifth year work placements from Vet School.

As she is home for a week before heading off to New Zealand on a three week placement, we had a little family get together at the cottage.  Myself, Hilary, Lauren, Jonny and Rachel, Helen and Hugh; the five Dorking and two pheasant chicks (more another day!)  wisely opted to stay in the garden as Lauren has a fear of hens?  Just remember that one next time you go to your local Veterinary Surgeon....!!  As it was the first time we had seen Lauren since her birthday we baked a cake which Helen, in her own inimitable style, decorated.  A pastoral depiction of green fields and a wealth of animals, which Lauren thought was hilarious!

Lauren-Birthday Sunday Dinner 2015 P1050434

I have to confess that I ate the duck, couldn't help myself.......