Sunday 28 November 2010

This morning was forecast for heavy snow here but first thing it was lovely crisp start with a clear moon but as we arrived at the yard the clouds rolled across the valley threatening a big fall.

An hour later on the drive up to the cottage to see to the donkeys and hens (and Mother!) the sun came out again.

Half looking over my shoulder now, out of the doors into the garden the sky is once again looking dark and snowy, perhaps the forecasters will be right after all?

Horses in early this afternoon I think.

Saturday 27 November 2010


All that money.
All that technology.

And what did we watch on it tonight?

Bloody X Factor!!

Friday 26 November 2010

A Glorious Morning

It was a wonderful, bright and frosty morning here in darkest Northumberland!

A great day for lots of pictures but the day's chores got in the way and the afternoon turned dull and threatening, perhaps more snow tonight?  There is seven inches of snow lying just a little further north in the county, if I am really good and eat all my greens there might be lots more here by morning.

Newton Village

Thursday 25 November 2010

Breakfast Burger-Break

We woke to the first fall of snow of the year!

The girls shot out of bed for the first time in months and ran downstairs to switch on the radio, television and computer to find out if their school was closed.

Alas it was open for business as usual.

As their school is fifteen miles further up the Tyne valley they were devastated to find out that the nearest one, only five miles away, was closed!  Their Mother's school, also open, is even further away tucked under the edge of the Pennines!  Dress code out the window, off she went in walking trousers and boots ready for anything.

On the way to the yard I drove alongside the A69 and spotted these drivers pulled over for their early morning burgers!

What a morning to discover that Mr Nobody has pinched my gloves.....

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Snow Day?

We woke this morning with the promise of snow but apart from a few flurries we (or should I say, I?) have been disappointed.  Never mind, the week is still young!

So, instead of a stunning snow shot, you will have to make do with a cherry leaf....

The old collie has just come in, covered in snow!!

Thursday 18 November 2010

The Wilderness Months!

During my absence I haven't really taken many pictures, just a handful due to a great absence of inspiration and will......

Over the next few days I will dig out one or two.

Walter The Vorverk has grown into a fine young man with an eye for the ladies!

Not one of Walter's!

The autumn and it's wonderful light has been and almost past....

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Hi Folks!

Well, the wonderful weather has brought me out of exile......

After a very foggy drive up the Tyne Valley to take the girls to school this morning, the fog started to lift at our end of the valley by the time I arrived at the yard.  The light and the view back to the west was wonderful.  Enough to inspire anyone.

Hope you are all well.