Friday, 26 November 2010

A Glorious Morning

It was a wonderful, bright and frosty morning here in darkest Northumberland!

A great day for lots of pictures but the day's chores got in the way and the afternoon turned dull and threatening, perhaps more snow tonight?  There is seven inches of snow lying just a little further north in the county, if I am really good and eat all my greens there might be lots more here by morning.

Newton Village


  1. I'll send you some of our snow if you want!

  2. Oh Lord, save some till I get home on Christmas Eve. Except on the runway at Stansted. And the coach route to Ipswich. And the road back to Harwich where I'm going to be staying with the Son.

    We're promised snow here, but only down to 700 metres. They all come out from Palma and drive up the mountains to play snowballs. Great fun.