Thursday, 25 November 2010

Breakfast Burger-Break

We woke to the first fall of snow of the year!

The girls shot out of bed for the first time in months and ran downstairs to switch on the radio, television and computer to find out if their school was closed.

Alas it was open for business as usual.

As their school is fifteen miles further up the Tyne valley they were devastated to find out that the nearest one, only five miles away, was closed!  Their Mother's school, also open, is even further away tucked under the edge of the Pennines!  Dress code out the window, off she went in walking trousers and boots ready for anything.

On the way to the yard I drove alongside the A69 and spotted these drivers pulled over for their early morning burgers!

What a morning to discover that Mr Nobody has pinched my gloves.....

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  1. Like the photo and the story. Thought only kids in US has snow days!