Sunday 26 March 2017

30 Minutes Later....

Just finished posting the previous shot and glanced up. No I am not running back up the field........


The Pikewell One....

I glanced out of the kitchen window at the evening sky and I had no option but too jog-walk across ours and our neighbours field to get a shot I had been looking at for a while. Didn't quite get to the tree I was aiming for, just too old for this rushing about, but got to this one.....


Wednesday 22 March 2017


Since the beginning of the Avian Flu outbreak, our hen runs have been covered by netting to isolate the poultry from wild birds.  We have been speculating as to what would happen if it snowed........


Tuesday 21 March 2017

Common Daisy

Bellis perennis or Common daisies abound in our field and little meadow, we seem to have a high percentage of this pink variation.


Monday 20 March 2017

Barren Strawberry - Potentilla sterilis

The first of the Barren Strawberrys are starting to flower here, we usually  have a great number of plants so it will be interesting to see how the mild winter effected them.


Winter Flowering Cherry

Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis' in full flower in our orchard today.



After a glorious if chilly afternoon, the weather abruptly changed around six, when temperature plunged and sleet blasted into the cottage from the moors and Hexhamshire.......