Thursday, 24 February 2011

If You Go Down To The Woods Today.....

You too might see a lovely fungi...

Or a pine cone or two!

Today was the first chance The Children's Mother and I have had all week to get out for a walk in the local forest and take advantage of the children being away skiing.  Rain and house hunting for my Mother have got in the way and taken priority respectively!   Speaking of the children, Jonny badly pulled a muscle on the first day and lost two and a half days of skiing while  Lauren had a bad fall yesterday injuring her neck and is out of action for the rest of the week and in considerable pain.  Helen on the other hand (touch wood) is having a whale of a time whizzing down impossible cliffs!!

It will be nice and a considerable relief to have our daredevil children back home at the weekend, painkillers and plasters at the ready.......


  1. Jon,

    Who exactly is this Lovely Fun Guy that you said you might see down in the woods tday?

    Brilliant details by the way.

    Sorry to hesr that 2 out 3 children have had limited ski-ing due to physical impairments caused by imitating the sort of crazy behaviour that you got up to as a young man!


    Alan Charlton
    (An Optimist)

  2. Hope the children got home safely, my BBD won the speed test by skiing down a mountain at 41 miles per hour!!! This surely can't be good for her and most def not good for my grey hairs