Friday, 30 March 2012

Landrover Experience Day

Thanks to "Landrover Evoque", Hilary and I spent a superb afternoon at Landrover Experience at Skipton in Yorkshire. Despite having driven Landrovers for years, the only only way to appreciate their extraordinary abilities is to be let loose in one of the brand new Defender ES models under the watchful eye of one of Landrover's brilliant instructors.

We are now saving up for two Defenders, one each!! (plus an extra one for the trips to Waitrose!)Image


  1. When I met my husband he had a Defender, and had had LRs for years, but I'd never driven one. So imagine my horror when I found out that he wanted to enter me for an off road competition just three months into the relationship! Any I did it, enjoyed it and managed not to get stuck!