Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Snow has arrived 20th January 2015

The first real snow covering of the winter arrived here overnight, not much at this level, only an inch or so but nice to see.


In the little meadow beside the burn, the light was very flat and wintery but seemed OK to try a panoramic shot with the new Lumix.  Quite pleased with the result.


Walking back along the burn towards the cottage there is an ox-bow forming, the downstream end of which is partly dammed by this tangled old willow tree.  Some of this will need to be pruned back in due course but for the present it is fascinating to look at, with it's tangles of roots and layering branches, the dead of which are sprinkled with various fungi.

I spent most of last Easter Weekend cutting back scrub in the wet meadow below, and on the bankside, adjacent to the new orchard, in this snow it's appearance is transformed once again.  More work is needed before the new fruit and nut trees can be planted but not long now.


The caravan that we will be living in when building work starts is just visible, perched in the existing orchard and has a lovely view over the fields towards the Hall.  I would have to say that in the gales it does feel somewhat insecure up there, with visions of a sharp nocturnal descent into the burn after some particularly aggressive blast of buffeting.......

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