Friday, 21 November 2014

April 14th, 2014 14/04/2014

After several days of frustrating weather up here, I woke to glorious sunshine burning the curtains, Happy Birthday!!

Quick(ish) breakfast, washing on the line, round up the dogs into the Land Rover and up to the cottage to see to the animals. Hilary is still away in Shropshire on an MSc tutorial weekend, so let the hens and ducks out and feed and muck-out the horses, fill hay nets and walk the dogs in the field and spend a relaxing morning lying in the field beside the burn, taking photos while the dogs played and dug holes (Jack Russells!!). By the time we were halfway up the field, the sun was hidden by heavy cloud, un-forecast and rolling in from nowhere, and the temperature plummeted........


After half an hour I gave up, my fingers had gone white, and retired to the cottage garden and got the only worthwhile shots of the morning, this lovely Dandelion Taraxacum official growing through a joint in the paving....


..and the blossom laden Damson Prunus domestica in the orchard but overhanging the garden and looking wonderful. This tree should be self fertile but has never produced much in the way of fruit. Perhaps we will have to include another damson when we replant and expand the orchard, hopefully this winter.


While I was lying in the field beside the burn, trying to photograph some Wood Anemone Anemone nemorosa, some of our neighbour's lovely young Ayrshire cattle came over, they just can't help being nosey......

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