Friday, 21 November 2014

March 15th, 2014 15/03/2014


Our friend here has cause to look shocked, two days after he appeared, he vanished. The mystery of his sudden arrival or purpose may never be solved.

8717688The banks of the burn itself are usually well populated by celandines and the first two plants flowered this week, it is always good to see the bright yellow glowing in the subdued morning light by the burn.

2833766We still have snowdrops coming into flower.


Spring is well and truly upon us here in Northumberland, though still time for a good fall of snow, we have had none here this winter. Very disappointing......

We have a lot of speedwell growing wild on the banks above the burn up at the cottage and this is the first I found in bloom. In a week or two areas of the bank will be covered.

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