Saturday, 17 July 2010

Beasts of the Realm

The sun appeared fleetingly between showers this morning, so a chance to nip into the garden and see who (or rather what) was about.

I have no idea what these insects are called and I haven't a book to help, so we will just have to look and wonder!

Small Heath Butterfly   Coenonympha  pamphilus

Longhorn Beatle  Strangalia  maculata  

Soldier Beatle  Rhagonycha  fulva


I have just received an educationalists slap on the ear from The Children's Mother who has patiently handed me our book of insects etc!

The pictures have now been titled.....


  1. Was one an earwig then?

    You are the new Attenborough Jon.

  2. Longhorn homing-in on greenfly (I assume they eat them!) is particularly good. What lens are you using for this Jon? Need a recommendation for up close (and reasonably inexpensive).

  3. Hi Alexander, the Longhorn shot was taken with a Nikon 18/55mm lens and the others were taken with a Sigma 70/300mm on macro setting. The Sigma is a pig to use for this sort of thing as the depth of is so shallow, less than 5mm for these shots taken at 1000mm range! But it is handy and the quality not too bad considering.....

    A dedicated Macro lens would be so much easier to use and give sharper results. I would look at Sigma macro when the time comes.

  4. wonderful bug shots & macros, gotta say they're the more attractive bugs i've seen for in a while.

  5. WELL DONE The Children's Mother (and well done the photographer!)

  6. Excellent shots and great to learn about them.