Thursday, 15 July 2010

New Arrivals

The menagerie is expanding!

The latest additions arrived a couple of nights ago in awful weather but have settled in nicely, ready to join the others eating us out of house and home!

Hopefully these 8/10 week Light Sussex and Vorwerk chicks will form the basis of a little breeding flock for the future and provide a few more delicious eggs.  Both these breeds are officially "rare" but the Vorverks are particularly so almost dying out some years ago.   They will be welcome and interesting additions to the hybrid egg producers we have at present.

No doubt they will appear again!


  1. Wow they are really lovely birds. I brought home an orphan chick from the poultry exchange last weekend and discovered she's a Bantam Silky. In order to provide her with some company of the same age, I brought home 5 6 week old hens and you should see that little Bantam boss them around!

  2. Vorwerk Durch Technic. Were they going Cheep?