Monday, 19 July 2010

Plaj..? Plageris....? Copying!

Ok, I confess.  I copied the idea for this shot from one The Children's Mother took a few days ago.

I will be in trouble tonight when she finds out.  Good healthy competition I say, until I find myself looking down the wrong end of a strongly wielded frying pan!

I will be in for a few waspish comments, some will probably be quite stinging.....

This is about as close as I want to be to a wasp!  I hated them even before I managed to put a brush-cutter into the middle of a nest one day, they weren't happy......I seem to remember bursting into the clients kitchen half naked having cast off most of my equipment and clothing during the 400m sprint back along their driveway.  The wasps had got under my hat, behind my face mask and inside my shirt. 

Ye Gods it hurt!

Well I have just finished hanging two loads of washing out to dry, and it is now pouring down.  The children will have to go to school in their pyjamas again tomorrow......


  1. I'm surprised you can still get THAT close to a wasp.

  2. Great capture, I', sure she won't mind. ;)

    Hope you finished the laundry.

    Happy WW.

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  3. Did you want to pop round to mine? I've got loads of laundry that needs doing and 3 kids who are adept at walking round the laundry mountain

  4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that! I've got washing draped on every available radiator and all the way up the stairs on the bannisters......

  5. what a beautiful place you live in jon! so magical. hope the rain eased up so your laundary could dry! stunning photographs too. x j

  6. Oh, let them go to school in pyjamas, I always longed to do that! x

  7. re yours: I was heading north towards St Mary's Island......the daughter could have been running havoc.....but you probably didn't want to hear that.....

  8. Hope they're smart pjs. Mine would not be either decent or presentable!

    I shudder at your wasp story - the stuff of nightmares.

  9. i can't imagine being stung like that, one is bad enough...they are new to me, I'd never seen them in Australia, but they're a nuisance here in NY. Beautiful photos!