Friday, 3 September 2010

After a short break thanks to internet problems and an all to brief visit to The Peloponnese in Greece I am back in the real world, albeit slightly dishevelled!

Today I paid one of my occasional visits to Newcastle, this time to see if I could organise a new pair of eyes, the current set are getting a bit worn out (like the rest of me apparently!)  Several hours later I weaved my way blindly across the city thanks to several doses of eyedrops.........

By the time I had got as far as the RVI Hospital my sight had just about recovered enough to take a couple of pictures.

The first shot is one of the new hospital extensions

Across the road is one of the older University buildings, I'm not sure about the new architecture but I love the contrast in styles and strangely they work well together.

Earlier in the day, Jack took the opportunity to try out a new seating position in the car...........!

Perhaps a few pictures from Greece in the next few days.


  1. Them old peepers are doing well! These are great shots. The new hospital building looks interesting and I love the dog's new seat! Welcome back - we've missed you!

  2. Like Imp said, we've missed you! Great to have you back :-)

  3. There you are!! :)

    Sneaking off for a holiday? Just not on!! And where are the photos? Hmmm?

    Good to have you back :)

  4. I wondered where you'd got to! Love that dog seat.

  5. Dog seat made me laugh and the UNiversity looks incredibly impressive - where are the portacabins?? lol

  6. hello and welcome back. I do hope your time away was wonderful. So sorry to hear about your eyes, I sure can not tell you are having troubles by your awesome photos.