Friday, 12 March 2010

Bleeding Brakes!

The Children's Mother's Son was at it again tonight.  This time it is the Honda that he is rebuilding (at least he tells me he is rebuilding it, the pile of discarded parts is growing by the day!)

Tonight he and his accomplice were bleeding the brakes or was it just something to do with 'the bleeding brakes', I don't know anymore!

The weeks good news is that it starts at last, thanks to some devious wiring and trickery.  There is even the threat that the Honda may make a return to the road in time to take it's MOT at the end of the month....

...Perhaps there is a God after all?


  1. I didn't even know you've got an accessible blog - I've never been able to find it before and spotted a link via Diane's blog! OMG v pleased my children know nothing about car engines - what a mess! Lx

  2. I'm not entirely convinced Jonny knows!

    Many thanks for dropping in..

  3. Okay, that looks scary!
    Yay! Thrilled you divulged the contents of your 'bag' and thanks for the warning. I'll go delete those little nasties. jx

  4. I think I'd just be pleased that they are actually involved and busy with something!

  5. Keeps them out of trouble, I suppose...?

  6. A functioning son? can I have one of those please?