Monday, 1 March 2010

Ice and Kylie Cows!

I was a quiet weekend but with lousy, wet miserable weather.

Today was a bright frosty day full of promise but the youngest girl was unwell and stayed at home from school and limited the photo-posibilities.  Never mind, still managed a few shots.

These Highland Cattle live in the field opposite my Mother's cottage.

Well there we are, not very exciting but after several days absence they are pictures!


  1. I like the top image a lot. The coos are lovely too. I've been absent from my blog for a week. Hopefully some spring weather will inspire us all to take more pictures.

  2. I've been limping along at the other place for ages, and the blog has been sadly neglected (got a severe dressing down from my sis tonight, you know, 'pull yourself together woman, never mind lie back and think of england, think positive!') Oh for a few highland cows in the garden.....I'm doomed!