Wednesday, 24 March 2010

One Hour

It was a fairly quiet day, made more interesting by planting some trees (wild crab apple and english oak) up at my mothers cottage.  I have been trying to plant a few over the last 5 years but not really achieved very much.

The first couple of years I was busy at work then I managed to plant a nursery area of alder but the donkeys broke down the fencing and ate half of them!  The last couple of years were foiled by illness so it was good to do some more planting today.

This evening was better than forecast but the sky was threatening.

An hour later as I left the yard the sky had changed completely.


  1. That is one amazing sky. Er, two amazing skies. One amazing sky twice.

  2. Those are two fabulous photos!

  3. I do love sky, you never get bored looking at sky.