Friday, 26 March 2010

Nanny McPhee

Behind me, over my shoulder is Professor Brian Cox guesting on The Jonathan Ross Show. Far to clever by half for my liking but really interesting and enthusiastic, anyone who have can loads of fun with bowls of liquid nitrogen, banana, a rose and two eggs gets my vote...!

He seems to have recovered from being in the seventies band D-ream.

Also on the show and by a close whisker, the lovely Emma Thompson wins in the good looks stakes. Nanny McPhee was a brilliant, I must see the latest film.


  1. hi, thanks for dropping by....l'm not sure how people find other bloggers, l guess through other sites, comments etc...but l love the way it happens...welcomeI always think people are drawn to like minded souls...I was watching emma last night also and was gobsmacked at how beautiful she looked, so open and fresh faced....clever you for posting with a pic, how'd you do that? a mobile.l always thought the tv came out with lines on it..come visit again sometime..saz x

  2. Yup. Professor Brian Cox was a member of D:ream!