Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Caterpillars, Peacocks, and Muddy Dogs!

 An icy morning with a little dusting of snow making the minor roads round here a bit tricky.  Still, the light conditions were really nice so I will bore you with another shot of the 'caterpillar'.  I only stopped here to watch six deer make their way across the corner of one of these fields but they were too far away to get a picture of them, 1000mm lens please!

Up at the cottage and a walk with the dogs round our neighbours fields down to the top of 'our' burn. The dogs came back filthy and my Mother made a timely exit left on the bus to Hexham.  One of the dogs still has a large, slightly smelly patch of dirty on his shoulder, and no, I don't want to know either....!


  1. I have just noticed that I have passed 5000 hits today.


  2. Don't mention it Jon!

    The last pic looks like our local weather map.

  3. great pics - especially the top one

  4. Very nice shots, all of them. You must be really sick of the snow by now...

  5. Oh no SD, you can never have too much snow!!