Wednesday, 3 February 2010


There is no snow down here at home this morning but the drive down from the cottage last night was a little 'ticklish' to say the least, black ice everywhere and cars from the ice free valley tearing over-confidently towards me.

I passed a few wrecked cars on trailers this morning though!

Up at the cottage there was still a covering of snow, all bright and frosty.

The donkeys long since stripped the bark off this fallen tree by the stream and one end is used as a look-out by the local rabbits!

On the tiny meadow at the bottom of my mothers land, the wild flower stems are once again emerging from the snow cover.

It is looking quite dark outside, perhaps the prediction of snow this evening will be correct.  I better check the Landrover.


  1. I like the patterns in that top shot. I saw cars sliding about last night in the snow.

  2. I like the top shot too. Nice and abstract.