Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Lakes

The Children's Mother and I finally made it to the Lake District today.  It was a bit hectic as being winter we had all the animals to see to before setting off and on our return home.

Time was limited with a 90 minute drive each way, so we chose to start our short walk in Rosthwaite, Borrowdale.  The Children's Mother was keen to walk up to Watendlath Tarn which strangely over the last  thirty five years of walking and climbing, I had somehow not managed to visit!

We had time for a quick hot chocolate at the at the little tea room here and some delicious ginger bread for me.  Sadly the tea room is not 'gluten free' out of season so the Children's Mother had to go without.

We left the North East in thick fog on the promise of glorious sunshine in The Lakes and we weren't disappointed!

Leaving the M6 to the artics, we drove home over Hartside Pass and had this lovely view back to the lakeland fells.

(And I got my feet back onto snow!)

The fog at home hadn't lifted all day which made the trip all the better!

Back to re-arranging furniture tomorrow....


  1. You made a good call heading west....the fog lifted by lunchtime(ish) in Newcastle but it was still decidedly misty at the coast when I got home (no surprise there then!) Love that shot of the tarn....what a view!
    (and you're right, Dan Dare it is!!)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day out :)

    Shame about the lack of gluten-free...

  3. I was a walker and climber in my Liverpool youth, and the Lake District was my playground. Beautiful, even when there's gluten in the gingerbread (modern version of "fly in the ointment")

    Do you know Blea Tarn in the Langdales?

  4. This looks beautiful. I must visit there some time. I think I was near there on holiday with my parents as a child.