Monday, 22 February 2010

Snowy Morning, Frosty Evening

I woke this morning, to a lovely bright snowy morning with patches of mist lying here and there.

Jobs done at the yard and off up to the cottage for donkeys and hens, and a continued glorious morning.  In the top of the Leylandii in the garden this cock Robin was enjoying the sun and calling out his claim to his territory.

Home for lunch and continue to tackle the 'three man weeks' of the children's ski washing.  One day I will go skiing and the children can do mine!!


  1. Hello, This is my first time to stop by. Your photos are wonderful. As for the pheasant, last year i had a grouse run up to my feet and stay very close. It actually ran after some people that walked by. So far folks are thinking it had a nest nearby and was trying to distract us. Do you think anything like this was happening even though it is still winter?

  2. I introduced my kids to the washing machine at a very early age...after a few shrunken sweaters and a lot of pink underwear they soon learnt!! You caught some great shots Jon.....and we've got another sprinkling of the white stuff down at the coast this morning too, it's a long winter!

  3. These are all gorgeous shots. I think that pheasant thinks you or your car are its mum...

  4. The pond photo is particularly spectacular :)