Friday, 29 January 2010


A few days break, lack of inspiration, energy and half decent weather all contributing to the lethargy!
This morning dawned dry and bright and this view appealed, you have seen shots of this hedge in summer and snow so it is nice to see the new season crops coming through.  Last year it was Phacelia so it will be interesting to see what comes up this year.


  1. Were you in a helicopter Jon?

    And does Phacelia mind you hovering over her?

  2. No helicopters were deployed during the making of this image!

    Phacelia is very obliging northern lass....

  3. Lack of inspiration, energy and half decent weather? Same here...

    This is a super shot - and so much more impressive for having been made without helicopter deployment :-)

  4. You can't fool me Jon. You have an infestation of giant hairy caterpillars in Northern England and don't want to panic us as they are eating all the crops and will soon completely ruin rural agriculture....

    Nice shot of an unusual creature.