Sunday, 3 January 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

More snow overnight, another inch or so down here but three or four at the cottage.

My Mother's neighbour's house is starting to blend in quite nicely!

Donkeys and hens done and Mother tea and caked! and off home.  A very snowy drive by the short route for the first time in days, too many sharp hills.   The Landrover would manage it I guess but why have the stress?

Still, an easy enough run back into the valley and the chance of a few shots on the way.

Home again for lunch and festive DVDs, "The Pianist" today.

Very jolly! and more explaining to the girls...

Oh well, time to go back out again!


  1. Super shots - especially the last one :-)

  2. These shots are lovely but the last one is really special. I love it.

  3. great shots - amazing weather

  4. Blimey, that last shot is a STUNNER! We drove over the M62 today and it was like Switzerland!