Tuesday, 12 January 2010

"No Diff-lock Required!"

For the first time in around tree weeks, I was able to drive up to my Mother's cottage on tarmac (and potholes) instead of snow.  No four wheel drive and no diff-locks!!

By the time I arrived at her village though, it was snowing again.

The day was turning out to be really dreary, cold, wet and more sleet, and stayed that way until late evening.

Normally from here, you can see over to the 'Shire' and beyond to the moors but the heavy cloud and wet snow fall closed the view down to the edge of the village.


  1. It does look extra grey. I haven't even noticed what the weather is like here today!

  2. LOVE that black and grey in large!! It's just about 'all gone' at the coast (except for the little well-diguised icy bits that catch you unawares of course!)

  3. That is very grey and, as Mo says, looks great in large!