Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Cottage

Another four inches of snow last night!

My Mother's cottage is now sporting the most impressive icicles that I have seen for years.  (We really must sort of the roof insulation).

There is now well over a foot of snow lying and the Landrover  is the only practical way that I can get up there to see her and do the animals.  Today she had an important appointment in Hexham so we had a drive though a glorious, snowy landscape.  Tomorrow might not have been so pleasant, heavy snow is forecast for most of the day!

Still, the morning was very cold but wonderfully sunny and there was time for an 'arty' shot for the purists!


  1. Amazing icicles and a very nice "arty shot" :-) Stay warm!

  2. Cor......look at the size of them, lethal or what? I've stopped listening to the weather forecast.....

  3. It looks like a fairytale cottage! Love your arty shot too.