Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Warning!

We had a little more snow overnight though we seem to have faired better that others.

Non the less, there is a warning of more snow tonight and the foreboding sky late morning did nothing to seed doubt.

Still, "The Good Lord giveth and the Good Lord taketh..!" so out with the camera.

As I write this, The Children's Mother is out in the recently recovered Focus collecting the girls on the 30 odd mile round trip school run and it has just started to snow again.

If the 'Good Lord' just gives her another fifteen minutes or so to get home safely.


  1. It's very phototgenic :-) I hope the lady made it home safely.

  2. That huge expanse of untrodden snow makes an amazing photograph - rather you than me living in that climate, though! Keep warm and safe.

  3. I've just been catching up with your snowy shots over the last few days.....they're drop-dead gorgeous! We still have snow at the coast.....I honestly can't remember it ever lasting this long before.