Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Three Score Plus 10-([1 score over 2] + 7)

It was my birthday today and as a special treat I was allowed to do the horses!  Later The Children's Mother took me to The Lake District for a walk on the fells.

We set off from Honister Pass and headed for Great Gable via Green Gable.  Somehow, thanks to the chief navigator (whose identity will remain a secret in order that I get fed!) we ended up on the top of Haystacks!  (Only thirty degrees and over a mile out!)

Still the view of Ennerdale valley from Haystacks was stunning.

I had carried a hip flask of 'birthday whisky' up to the top in order to toast the occasion and at least one of the party seemed to appreciate the effort...!

We both (and the dogs) had a great day out in superb conditions, only regretting that we weren't able to stay over this time and had to rush home.  There were presents to open and more malt to drink.......

ps. Thanks to the family I now have a new Olympus Compact.   I am looking forward to playing with it over the next few days.


  1. Happy Birthday from the sickroom. xx

  2. Wow!

    I think you mean 2 score years though, unless you're 67!

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like a great day.

    I have no idea how old you are... too early in the morning for arithmetic...

  4. A belated Happy Birthday. I'll have a malt on your behalf. The sums confuse me also, so I have no idea what age you are (that for me is an age thing!)

  5. Belated birthday wishes love from your auntie and the beautiful children xxx

  6. Happy birthday for yesterday! It sounds as though you had a good one.

  7. I missed this - a belated happy birthday!!