Saturday, 17 April 2010

Durham City

After the usual chores this morning I had to take my Mother to visit the Old Family Friend who is in hospital.

While she was visiting I had a walk down into the City, mainly because I was feeling very tired and grumpy after the last few days.

In the City at the Old Elvet Bridge the crowds were out as usual, and lots of people were out on the river in hired rowing boats with many others enjoying a drink at The Boathouse pub on the river bank.  The old pub building sits in stark contrast to the modern architecture around it.  On the whole the more recent building is a fair effort to fit into the old city.

Back up at the University Hospital I took a few shots of the modern architecture.

Tomorrow No2 Daughter is competing at a horse event, so perhaps some exciting action shots, or possibly just pictures of her mum eating burgers.  Only time will tell!


  1. I've never been to Durham. Must visit sometime. I hope you're feeling less tired and grumpy and I'm looking forward to some exciting burger action shots :-)

  2. Woooohooo look at that blue sky! We've had a week of rain, but we need it.