Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Say it With Flowers!

What a frustrating day of internet rage!

Is it just a coincidence that we have had more problems since TalkTalk took over Tiscali?

Just two pictures of flowers today thanks to the Samsung.

This is a Hawkweed / Sow-thistle I think but I will try and find out exactly which one for tomorrow.

Wood Violets.

After the little Olympus disaster I am really pleased with these shots!


  1. You have every right to be pleased with these! I think Imp may have something to say about Tiscali when she sees this...

  2. Tech feckin ology, I hate it too, maybe that's why we have some on/off type issues with our router too, as I'm with tiscali. I did read somewhere that O2 were the best broadband provider, well I think I did, my imaginations tend to be about nice lady things rather than practical things!

    Lovely photos once again

  3. sorry to hear that you are having internet frustrations, that is no fun!
    That first flower looks so much like a dandelion, but I suppose there are man toothed petal yellow flowers and I can not see the leaves, lovely photo. And the violet is sweet as can be. Someday they will be blooming here too.