Monday, 26 April 2010


Normally I manage, largely through choice, to visit Newcastle tree or four times a year but I will be having most of my annual allocation this week.  A new lens and camera on Saturday and today we took the iMac to the Apple Store Genius Bar as it has a fault with the headphone socket.

I have to say they are brilliant!  After a fifteen minute chat and examination of the offending item, the part was ordered (just in case it was required, delivery tomorrow!) and the computer is booked in to the workshop on Friday, the day we requested.  They should be able to do the repair while we wait in town.

We left the shop thinking we could have bought a few Macbooks etc and not felt any pain at all!

Such a refreshing experience.

Back to photos.

I had the Nikon with me but decided to use the Samsung compact and see how it performed.  I have to say that for a not horrendously expensive piece of kit it it isn't bad.....

Grey's Monument, a classic sort of shot but not one I have taken before.

A couple of office blocks, what more can I say?


  1. your apple experience does sound wonderful. I wish we had an apple store around here. I do have an apple computer though!
    Fun what little cameras can do these days!

  2. I know someone who was quoted £350 for a basic repair in an Apple Store so it's not all beer and skittles!

    Can't wait to try out an iPad though....

  3. We are lucky enough to have an Apple Store in Glasgow. The staff are always really helpful. I would happily spend a fortune in it so I have to creep past... I must not buy an iMac. I must not buy an iMac. I must not buy an iMac.... Think of the trouble I'm going to have when the iPad comes out!

  4. Imp must not buy an iMac... I have every intention of getting an iPad... and I know someone who will be doing her utmost to prise it from my hands as soon as it arrives...

    I'm glad you had a pleasant Apple Store experience - and I do like these shots :-)