Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day of Contrition!

Yesterday it was good old 'Gordy''s day for grovelling and contrition, today it is me.  Oops, one of yesterday's pictures may just have been a dandelion...(ok, certainly is) but I blame no one but my advisors, it's a disaster!

I really must start using my reading glasses!

Up at my Mother's cottage is a large holly hedge, probably 100ft long and 7ft high by 8ft wide.

For years now I have been threatening to reduce the width by half to make the cutting easier.  Finally a couple of weeks ago I got the chainsaw out and did the deed and dam-near killed myself in the process!  This burst of of frustration fuelled activity resulted in a huge pile of holly to dispose of and me exhausted!

Today the madness returned and I decided to burn all the cuttings.

As usual there was an appreciative if critical audience...

Still lots to tidy and the hedge is to clip properly and a new fence to put up.....

By the way, if you too suffer from M.E.,  GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE JOB!


  1. But was it a bigoted dandelion?

  2. I bet holly burns well, and 8ft wide is way too big for a hedge, so a good job well done... even if it did nearly kill you!

  3. With that much Holly being burnt I'm surprised you're not suffering from Prickly Heat!