Tuesday, 29 September 2009


A few days of being tired, I must have overdone something.  So no posts I'm afraid.

The ponies are in now so the winter's morning routine has started,  breakfast, then stables, while The Children's Mother takes the girls to school and herself to work.

After I had put the ponies out and cleaned the stables, I wasn't feeling too bad so I took the dogs for a bit of a walk round the woods.  The Children's Mother had the Nikon so I borrowed No 2 daughter's Canon compact.  I have not used it very often but is a nice little camera, and I would have one for myself.  I had a fiddle with the setting's (digital is still a 'dark art' to me, I have just had to dig out the Nikon handbook again!) this shot was with the digital macro setting (I think?)  No idea which fungi it is, I will have to consult with a higher authority!

Hope to back on form tomorrow.


  1. Fine fungi image. Take care of yourself. I think a lot of us are under the weather at the moment. I blame the shift into autumn.

  2. That's a fine fungus, whatever it is.