Wednesday, 30 September 2009

More Fungi

The Children's Mother was ill today but she managed a short walk with the dogs this morning.

I don't know what this fungi is and the Children's Mother is not certain, so more research required.  What ever, I love the subtle colours and tones.  Just before I took this shot, one of the terriers set a young deer across our path.  It was for too quick for the camera but really nice to see so close.  Fortunately, the terrier is much more interested in rabbits!

Further on, we came across these Cep fungi (Boletus edulis).  Ugly looking things but I am assured that they are edible, I suppose that is logical as some of the most attractive are really poisonous!  These are a little unusual in that they don't have gills but have pores to exude the spores.


  1. These are excellent shots of them.

  2. you wouldn't catch me eating the second ones! (but them I'm a bit of a wuss!)

  3. I think the first is natural but the Cep is flash. (Can I have my old OM2 back please? I new what I was doing with that!)

  4. Two good shots! Folks are picking mushrooms here too, although we wouldn't dare because we don't know which ones are ok. Boleta is Catalan for wild mushroom, so straight from the Latin!