Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ich Weiss Nicht !!

Daughter No1 will be a Vet.

I say she will be a vet. because she will!!  At sixteen, she is a very determined young lady.  She has just been given the chance  to go to Germany for two weeks work placement in a large Small Animal Hospital, thanks to a good friend of mine.

She can speak French and a smattering of Russian (and not a little Anglo-Saxon!)

"Just one problem"  She announced.
"I can't speak a word of German!"

She travels in four weeks!


  1. Sounds like she's well capable of learning German in three weeks :-)

  2. There are some great free podcasts in iTunes. I went to Germany at the age of 17 in 1980 and didn't know a word of German. It's amazing how you manage. She should have a great time!

  3. She'll be fine, and she'll learn more German in those two weeks than she would reading a of luck to her!!