Thursday, 24 September 2009


Autumn is definately upon us.  I was doing some jobs up at my mothers cottage this afternoon, the garden and fields are surrounded by various trees, which are now turning colour.  All at different stages, the wild cherries almost bright red while the oaks are just showing a tinge of gold.  In a few weeks most will be bare and our views will change dramatically for six months or so.

This is a Variegated Cornus growing in the garden.

I developed ME just short of two years ago and apart seeing a little more of the children and The Childrens Mother!  I can think of few plus points.

I would normally look after my mother's garden but this year it has got past me and is showing neglect.  While I was clearing the compost bays today, I was delighted to discover a huge crop of potatoes under the mass of weeds.  They had all grown from potatoes thrown out of the kitchen.  A couple of years ago, I planted and carefully tended rows of potatoes in the vegetable garden and while the crop was large, most had been eaten by wire-worms and had to be destroyed.

You can imagine how pleased I was to see that this accidental bounty was perfect!  The best news is that I have yet to empty the large bay!!

The next job was to get everything (potatoes, and eggs from my wonderful hens) up to the car. 

Easy. Eggbox in the bucket and two trips, with the dogs, past the donkeys.  While I made my way to the car with the first load, the donkeys tried to eat the remaining potatoes.  I rushed back to collect the second bucket and take that to the car, only to find that one of the terriers had opened the eggbox and was making off with the eggs!

At last home and waiting for The Childrens Mother to prepare a hearty dinner.

What's on the menu?

Roast donkey stuffed with terrier, served with delicious potatoes and fried egg!!



  1. Very nice signs of autumn :-) I hope the donkey/terrier combo was tasty ;-)

  2. The unexpected finds in the garden are always the best. I 'inherited' next-doors brambles a couple of years ago when they migrated over the fence...I must have had 20-30lbs this year, then again Mrs Next Door ended up with my rhubarb.....all's fair and all that!

  3. Terrier stuffing is best with some onion, garlic, breadcrumbs and a little thyme... The potatoes look great!