Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Having a look!

Hi, I may have become uncomfortable with another photojournal site, so I'm having a little play here.

ps  I have no idea how to do this, so bear with me!


  1. Hi Jon, and welcome from one learner to another! You seem to be doing fine so far :-)

  2. Hi Jon, nice to see you here. I'll add a link to you on my blog. I'm sorry the way things have gone in the place we have left. I couldn't have done anything any different but I'm really sad at what is happening in a lovely community.

    I found a great widget to add that shows where people come from to your blog. There is a link at the bottom of it on mine and you can get it. The link takes you to the pro version but one more click takes you to the free one. It's great because people don't leave all that many comments but you can see that they are looking.

    Anyway, take care. I love this image.

  3. Hi Jon - nice to see your stuff on here - will keep on looking (if you don't mind) :-)