Sunday, 22 November 2009

Light Pollution!

Another dreary wet day here, not conducive to taking pictures.

From the yard where my horses are kept, you can see the edge of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne urban sprawl in the distance (thankfully!)

It is only on nights like this that you can really appreciate the amount of light pollution we produce.  This is still about twenty miles away!

The wilds of Allendale and Bellingham beckon.....

Or even southern France!!


  1. The light pollution makes for a great shot! Southern France sounds nice...

  2. This is a nice shot. I think you're right that it's the weather that is undermining all our photographic inspiration.

  3. It's scary isn't it....all that wasted energy? Nice shot though....

  4. re yours: the market is clustered round Greys Monument, nice and handy for the metro. Nice nosh!!