Saturday, 14 November 2009

November Evening

What a wet night and we got off lightly!

A rushed morning as we had to recover the Landrover from the garage, it has been having it's MOT. Thank goodness I don't have to have one!!  There followed a quick dog walk round a very boggy field and lunch.  The Children's Mother then spent the afternoon on the internet, planning next year's holiday (not yet resolved!)

Next thing we new it was time to put horses to bed.  Still two separate yards but one of these days we will end up with everything together.  On the way up to the yard I remembered that I still had no pictures, so today it is wintery skies again.  This time evening ones!

Looking west up the Tyne Valley towards Hexham.


  1. Those are lovely winter skies:-)

    Did somebody mention holidays? There's a good idea...

  2. Yes, summer is coming so I am told! No1 daughter also assures me that we can go skiing "for next to nothing" this winter.

    I must have a look at her bank account!

  3. The colours in the bottom image are great. I know what you mean about the MOT. I'm sure I'd fail one too...

  4. Lovely skies, especially the second one...that's drop-dead gorgeous!