Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Another foggy morning in the Tyne Valley.

The Children's Mother was on a course today, so I had the school run at both ends of the day.  Sandwiched in between, the horses were to do, collect one of the terriers from my Mother's and bake some bread.  Yes, I cheat these days and use a machine but so what, it still tastes and keeps ten times better than bought!

As soon as she got home this evening, The Children's Mother had to turn straight round and drive No1 Daughter back into Newcastle for her Grade 5 Music Theory exam.  A GCSE equivalent, studied for in about 4 months!  All seemed to go well, now we wait......!


  1. A wintry scene indeed... I don't know about sprinting at Powderhall, but there used to be a dog track there (it closed a few years ago), so maybe it used to be a human track too...

  2. Nice wintry image. I use a bread machine too but I found it hard to get the bread out of it sometimes so I just make the dough in it now and it's still hardly any work but great, fresh bread.