Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sunny Morning

Well, it was while I was seeing the children and their mother off to school and doing the horses.  Then as soon as it got to dog walking time, the sun disappeared!

Never mind, off to the plantation, it was going to be another day for the flash.

No idea which this tiny fungus is called.

Or this slimy looking specimen!

A few minutes later, a crashing fall courtesy of a wet root, (an impressive mid-air manoeuvre and I managed to land under the camera!) found me lying next to this lovely fern.

The things you do for art!

Now where did I put the arnica?


  1. You got a good shot out of it. Hope you're not too bruised.

  2. Yeah, we had a sunny morning for a short while... Shame nobody caught your mid-air manouevre on video :-) Hope you're OK.

  3. Well, at least the camera wasn't damaged! Lovely shots. That first fungus looks really weird.

  4. I've just been catching've had some stunning shots recently, and let me tell you the world doesn't look that good through an early morning metro window!! Hope it was more hurt pride than otherwise....(ps....I liked the 'early' Fenwicks windows best too....I remember hearing the original 'maker' was a guy somewhere in the wilds of Northumberland who would start making the nexts years animated models/display as soon as the current years one was switched on....but that could just be an urban myth!)

  5. Lucky the camera wasn't underneath you! Re your comment, we can't grow oranges and lemons here - we're too far north and the hot period doesn't last long enough. They'd blow off the trees too anyway I should think.