Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Dark Side

Yet again, a day of photo-lethergy,  I took the camera with me early this morning when I took No1 daughter out beating but ran out of time on the way to the yard and home, which was a pity as the light was interesting, with lots of fog in the Tyne Valley.

Too many distractions later, so it wasn't until evening, after putting the horses to bed that I made an effort to find something to photograph.

The telegraph post doesn't work quite how I wished but I still like something about it.

The Black Bull is a popular pub in Corbridge, our nearest neighbour.


  1. I LOVE the telegraph pole! Not looking too promising weatherwise down on the coast today.....we've just had hail!

  2. I love the telegraph pole too. Lovely moody shot.

  3. I agree - the pole works for me :-)