Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I took the girls to school today and on the way home, I stopped at Haydon Bridge to have a look at the river South Tyne, (yes just to be clever, we have a North and South Tyne, they join just below Haydon Bridge).

All I can say is that if I got soaked last night, I pity the poor souls that live in the hills further up the valley!

On a brighter note, when I got to the yard,  I found this little fella, a pedigree, organic, Aberdeen Angus calf.

Any vegetarians turn away now...

I buy my meat from this farm, so yum, scrumptious!!


  1. Great shot of the high water. This little chap does look tasty. If I had to do any harm to an animal myself then I'd be vegetarian but so long as other people do the dirty then I do like eating them.

  2. That's a lot of water. And I see that more is forecast :-(

  3. OMG.....look at all that water, and choppy with it! I did the vegetarian thing for a few years when I was a lot younger (not for any ethical reason, just didn't eat a lot of meat anyway so it was a cheap option!).....but then I got pregnant with the firstborn and had a craving for rare steak and liver.....never looked back!

  4. What a flood! That calf does look delicious ... I can't live without meat, simple as that, although I don't eat a lot of beef as everyone eats pork here so that's what's available.