Thursday, 19 November 2009

More Rain, Back to the Woods

Just as I arrived at the yard this morning, the next wave of rain clouds began to sweep over the Tyne Valley.

So it was off to the woods again to walk the dogs.

Calocera viscosa or Jelly Antler Fungi

I have seen this fungi several times but this is probably the best specimen so far.

Just liked the colours in this mound of moss.


  1. The antler fungi is amazing. The moss is lovely too.

    Yes, you would do well on Grumpy Old Men while I'd be on the woman's version - especially if we're talking about the quality of TV nowadays. I watched Spooks too.

  2. Love the fungi! Don't love the weather!

  3. Love those mossy bits....just fab! Any chance you could block any nasty weather heading east at the weekend? (I'll do the same for you the next time it comes in from the west.....honest!)