Thursday, 17 June 2010

Form an Orderly Queue ! (Wednesday)

We will have to buy another iMac!

By eleven o''clock last night a barely orderly queue had formed to use the Mac, the eldest and youngest offspring had already traded blows and insults in pursuit of their "fix"!   I gave up all hope of posting as The Children's Mother settled down to edit a whole stack of pictures, so yesterday's post, today....

The rain had stopped for the time being, the sun was bright and penetrating, the lawns dried and waiting to be mown.  As I cut the lawn at the rear of the house, heat rose from the fresh cut grass and the air was filled with scent.  I had forgotten the Philadelphus or Mock Orange was beginning to blossom,  another few days of this weather and this sheltered part of the garden will be heady with their distinctive fragrance.

Following the recent "insect" theme, I was delighted to spot this Dragonfly on one of the box bushes, a very rare visitor to our garden!


  1. And what a pretty insect it is!

  2. great pics - you will soon have a fab plants photo library - there has never been an orderly queue in this house - its dog eat dog on the computer front