Saturday, 26 June 2010

I Say Chaps..

"I say chaps, anyone got a map?"

The latest update on the swallow chicks is that the are fully fledged already, they must fly in the next day or so if they aren't already.

"We could always apply for housing benefit"

I think this is Selfheal, and by the time I had finished grovelling round on the ground I could have done with some!


Turk's Cap Lily


  1. Have u named the 2 chicks yet?

    Like the peony shot!

  2. Really very relavant artical with the topic it is good work.

  3. Those swallows are definitely looking a bit 'snug' in that nest, and if they don't fly the nest soon they'll tip out! Gorgeous flowery pics.....I REALLY like the Turks Cap Lily, that's very special!
    (and re the retirement thing....unsettling isn't the word, it's getting to the stage where I hardly dare look in my email inbox!)

  4. I like the Lily.

    Are Swallows the ones that never land?

  5. I thought you might like the Lilly!

    I was always led to believe that Swallows never landed till it dawned on me that they had to land to collect mud for nests! They do however, feed entirely on the wing.