Thursday, 17 June 2010

With a Cherry on Top?

It has been another lovely day here and it has been a pleasure pottering around.

We'll start with another critter.

Over the last few weeks I have been enviously admiring reports from our friends in sunnier climates of the progress their cherries are making, and even how good they taste!

These are my cherries, impressed?

Sadly over the next few weeks the birds will have stripped the tree.  I have never yet eaten one of our cherries, but one day.........

While I spent the day pottering and sunning  myself, the local farmers and contractors have been working non stop from early this morning to cut and lead in their silage for the coming winter.  This cut is looking good, hopefully the next one (or possibly two) will be equally good.


  1. Hi, via coffee slut's blog
    Thanks for remindng me to net my cherries!!

  2. Your pictures make me homesick. But I'll fight it.

  3. Me too Di! How about bagging up just a couple of cherry laden branches, if you can't do the whole tree?

  4. Me too with those cherries Jon. Our tree is laden but I don't expect to get one while the Blackbirds and Song Thrushes are about.

  5. Lovely cherries. If you can't eat them then you can photograph the birds while they munch!