Friday, 4 June 2010

Humble Bumble, Bimble and Red

The Children's Mother and I had a busy day yesterday, shopping for paint for the youngest's bedroom, a task to be completed before she returns from holiday!  In the afternoon we had to take the Boy's car to be Mot'd in Newcastle before collecting the eldest girl from the airport, she was returning home early from holiday to prepare for exams next week.

All was going well until we couldn't find the paint, then I embarrassingly spilt water all over my trousers and had to retire gracefully!  Then The Children's Mother's car broke it's handbrake and we had to use the Land Rover for the Newcastle and airport run.

The Boy's car delivered we headed to airport and collected Eldest Daughter, on time too!  Four miles later, the universal joint on the Land Rover exploded!  Four hours later, The AA and a breakdown truck ride later we all arrived home for dinner at midnight.

Welcome home Lauren, lovely to have you home....

Consequently no pictures from yesterday but today sanity returned and all went smoothly,  dry jeans, car passed Mot, Land Rover being repaired, Focus being repaired! bedroom painted and new plaster cast on the Children's Mother's little finger!!

Up at the cottage I finally got a picture of a Bumble Bee.

Then had a bimble round the fields and took yet another picture of a Lesser Stichwort.

Back in the cottage garden the light on this Cotinus was wonderful.

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