Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Our lovely sunny weather has been replaced by rain, and a bit more rain!

In between decorating the youngest's bedroom for the last few days, I am cottage sitting for my Mother again so posts are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. 

I took this picture in the wet gloom while the walking the dogs by the burn last night.

The Children's Mother issued a 'three line whip' for me to be back home this morning to wait for the youngest's new bed to be delivered today Wednesday the 10th, I have just noticed that the 10th is Thursday...!

Might have time to post again tomorrow..........


  1. We've got rain too... is it yours? If so you can have it back now, we've had enough!

  2. I suppose your accommodation is multi-storeyed

  3. 3 line whip; 'you better be'?

    seed heads are quite wonderful.

  4. great flower - still gloriously sunny here - for a few more hours :)

  5. Always come away from your blog feeling renewed somehow.

    re Afghanistan - friend of mine has set up the charity I mentioned at the very end and so it all comes home very clearly. :(

  6. I had you show dreamlike scenery.
    I am very happy...

    Thank you.